Daniel's Astrophotography

This is a place where I store unprocessed and processed data from my telescopes/cameras.


You are free to share, remix, use my pictures, even commercially, as long as you give credit (just link this site or put "Daniel C Astrophotography" somewhere).

But please don't try to do anything stupid like trying to take credit for my work.

How to use this

In each folder you will see a date. These represent astrophotography nights/sessions.
You can use this to see common Winter/Summer targets, or visit categories.html
for an easier list. For pictures that don't deserve a directory, see the /etc directory.


For my main setup, I have a Canon T6/1300D, a 300mm lens, and a 55mm lens.
I use this for most of my pictures and Will often even use it to record video.
Other than that, I have a cheap tripod and a battery grip for extra long life (I have 3 backup batteries)

For my second setup, I have a cheap $15 Goodwill telescope and an old 2007 Sony camera jerryrigged to it.
I rarely use that that setup, but when I do, it is typically for moon pictures, and even Saturn once. Sadly,
The Sony camera is fully manual, so it is impossible to image anythng other than Saturn. I rarely take it out.

I currently do not have a star tracker or any light pollution filters, so I try to make the best out of things I have laying around.

My first telescope was an old 1970s Meade reflector. It was a pain to set up, but I sure did enjoy clear nights with it.
At that time, I lived in a Bortle 4-5 town. I now live in a very light polluted city (Bortle 7-8),
but I often visit the nearby mountains to enjoy Bortle 2-3.


I currently use Deep Sky Stacker for image processing. It is free and open-source.

I'm currently learning how to use Siril.

Although I write a lot of code, I currently have not written much code for astronomy.

For image editing, I always use GIMP.

Raw Data

Since my server is currently running on a 60gb SSD, I do not host much many data image files here.
If you would like some for reprocessing, feel free to email me [brikbusters at gmail period com]

Last edited Dec 12 2020