About Daniel's Server

Congratulations! You have found the main page of my server!
Port 80/443 runs the main web server, I host the Heb12 Website/API and other cool projects here.

Pictures of the Server

Minecraft Server

Skegcraft is hosted on port 25565. This server has been up since aroud July 2019, but I take it down every now and then for maintenance.
Creating a Minecraft server has been my dream for a while, and now I finally have one running.
The world it is based off of is "Dan Land", started on November 26, 2016.

Dell Optiplex 790

CPU:Intel Core i5 2400 4x 3.2Ghz
Storage: 60GB SSD
OS: Debian + MATE
Hosting: Skegcraft, CBC, Heb12, Josias, Everything

Raspberry Pi 3

CPU: Broadcom BCM2836 900MHz
Storage Drive(s): 16GB USB drive (SD cards are unreliable)
OS: Raspbian Core
Hosting: Code.heb12.com, managed by MasterOfTheTiger

-Daniel aka Petabyte